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Research update

I have just had a look back at all my ‘future research’ ideas. well, not a lot came of those. The plan to continue my work on British Infantry Firepower foundered quite quickly when I realised that a lot of the material I would want to consult is in various libraries scattered across the USA. Consequently, any plans for more work on this subject have been shelved.

I also got started on a project to study British cavalry in a similar manner. I covered the subject from the early 17th century, through the English Civil War (the bulk of the work) and up to the Glorious Revolution of 1688. That work was funded, but unfortunately only that period. It has resulted in a paper at the British Commission for Military History Conference on the ECW, but that is all. I am, however, considering revisiting it, as I am not sure that I really got a complete grip on what was going on. I have been particularly motivated in this direction by Professor Martyn Bennett’s excellent book, Cromwell at War (Taurus & Co, London, 2017).

In my last post I mentioned a book that I am currently working on, about the 16th Light Dragoons during the Waterloo Campaign, and that I am involved in recreating this regiment as a re-enactment unit. Consequently, I have become very interested in this period and British cavalry in particular. I expect my focus to remain on this subject, unless something funded comes along, which currently seems unlikely.

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