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The Next Research Project


After some thought, pottering about looking at stuff, talking to a couple of people and thinking that whatever I do needs to be something enjoyable, I have settled on taking a look at the combat techniques and practices of British Cavalry. I am going to start in the English Civil War and take it all the way up to Waterloo.

My study of infantry firepower was originally also going to go up to Waterloo, but as it was a thesis I ran out of words in 1765.  I did think of continuing the work on infantry up to Waterloo, but a lot of work as been done on the American War of Independence and a huge amount on British infantry in the Napoleonic Wars, so I am not sure that would add much.

Cavalry, on the other hand, has been relatively neglected, beyond fairly standard campaign, or regimental, narrative histories. My approach, as defined in my article on Practical Military History and employed in my doctoral thesis, ‘Destructive and Formidable’: British Infantry Firepower, 1642 – 1765, will be concentrating on how things were done, rather than the straight narrative.

In a slight departure, I also intend to actually apply the lessons learned to the Napoleonic re-enactment group that I am putting together. It will be fascinating to see rediscovered skills put into practice.


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