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What to do?


So far all my endeavours to secure funding in order to continue my research have come to naught. Rather disappointing as quite a few people who are familiar with my work seem to think I am on to something and should keep going. It is impossible to be sure, but I suspect that military history is still not seen as a serious field in some quarters. But I think that is a topic for another day, soon.

Consequently the rather grand scheme outline in my post about Proposed Research will have to go on hold in favour of something a little more modest. At the moment I am torn between a couple of ideas. The first is an examination of British cavalry over a similar time span to my thesis to see if there is any tactical or doctrinal development. Just how different were the cavalry of the English Civil Wars and the Napoleonic wars. Obviously their appearance is very different, but a horse is still a horse, or is it? Did the military horse change, did the way it was used change? the second idea is to take an in-depth look at how British Napoleonic cavalry did things. In this I have to admit to being influenced by the facts that I am getting involved in Napoleonic re-enactment as a British Light Dragoon in order to go to Waterloo in 2015 and that there may be a market for such work because of the interest that will be engendered by Waterloo, if the scarlet isn’t swamped by the khaki of WWI. Which is another possible topic.

Either way, the big obstacle will be finding the wherewithal for the inevitable trips to London and the British Library, The National Army Museum and the National Archives.



  1. Jim Daniel says:

    Many years ago there was a series on American Public Television called “Connections.” It charted the relationships among innovations and circumstances that ensued.. usually the less obvious ones. One I recall was the invention/utilization of the stirrup and its use at Hastings by William’s troops… the steadier seat allowing them to fight mounted. Perhaps that would be an appropriate lead in to your work on cavalry.

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