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What next?


I have a publisher, University of Oklahoma Press, interested in my thesis, which means going through the painful process of redrafting to turn it from a thesis, and all the formal constrictions of that form of writing, into a more readable book.

I am also applying to a couple of American Libraries for short term one month, fellowships to continue my research, building on my thesis. They come with expenses, but not for flights out there. The continuation of the research involves broadening the scope to cover the combat practices of the cavalry and artillery as well as the infantry and concentrating on the mid-18th century, the wars of Austrian Succession, Seven Years War and the American Revolution. Funding offers and suggestions would be welcomed!

The American Revolution is a new area, but one that I had originally intended to cover in my thesis, before running out of words. In time it would be good to go as far as Waterloo, which was the original aim of the thesis.

There are two major obstacles to being able to continue my research, money and the loss of an academic affiliation to a university with all the access to various research resources that come with that. I am, however, getting a lot of encouragement from some fairly eminent military historians, so I shall keep going.


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  1. Roger Lewis says:

    No gain without pain, David. This is excellent news, and I know you will do a first-rate job. I look forward to receiving a signed first edition to go with your “Arms and Armour of the English Civil War”, which sits on the book shelf behind me as I type.


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